Dobri Belivanov, Mayor of Haskovo

Dobri Belivanov, Mayor of Haskovo Municipality

Mr. Avramov has built an innovative and very successful election campaign strategy for me as candidate for Mayor of municipality of Haskovo and I have eventually won the runoff by 73.13% to 26.87%. Historically it was one of the highest results on a second ballot in our municipality. One of things which required significant effort was to change the attitude of our party members, to make them confident that our campaign would be successful and that I’d get elected as mayor. Mr. Avramov has virtually turned our team from doubters to believers. He helped us to shape our political agenda and to reach out to voters by using innovative methods and communication tools. As as result of Mr. Avramov’s campaign management we have transformed an election campaign projected as “lost” into a winning one, built a positive expectations and united the public around our plan.

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Mr. Avramov has created a winning strategy for my mayoral campaign. He has also worked hard with the local party organization members and with those who were on the ballot, running for members of the city council. Despite that he wasn’t responsible to manage the campaign for the local council, he has taken his time to explain the candidates the challenges and managed to persuade them to be very supportive and to follow the mayoral campaign agenda very strictly. This made it much easier for me to conduct my own campaign as candidate for Mayor and at the same time, as a regional party leader, responsible for few municipalities, to run the party’s organization.

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