Let my team create one and implement it for your organization
I have been managing election & political campaigns for 18 years. Let my team to help you win!
Speaking & Writing

I started developing as speaker, political commentator and analyst in the late 90s. With more than 500 hundred publications in the press and a similar number of appearances on various political talk shows and analytical panels, I’m always happy to help with my expertise in certain areas. Among them are Election campaigns, European politics & affairs, and U.S. domestic politics.

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Campaigns & Elections

There is a widespread misapprehension that a political candidate could be marked out as “Losing” or “Winning” at the start of an election campaign. It is not true! There are campaigns that can be described as “Winning” or “Loosing” at the time they start. So, it is crucial to the candidate’s or party’s success that the election campaign to be structured and planned precisely.

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New Media & IT

My team creates innovative and efficient new media campaigns. We have been helping candidates to deliver their messages to targeted voters or interest groups. We select the most effective online communication channels and help our clients to reach out to the targeted groups at lowest possible costs. Within the last 15 years we have designed and carried out a number of successful new media and online marketing campaigns.

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