Campaign Risk Management

Few know better than us how exhausting, time-consuming Election campaigns are. No matter how big the campaign budget is or how good the political organization is, candidates make mistakes. Sometimes they make unexpected changes in their political priorities, decide to communicate the wrong ones or just send the wrong message.

The success of any campaign is very often a result of making the right decision on certain occasions. Should Donald Trump show up on stage in the last Republican debate before Iowa caucuses or not? How his absence would reflect on his poll numbers? What his GOP competitors would do to take advantage? Those are just few questions out of hundreds any GOP would have answered during the Republican 2016 primaries. It is not any different in any other campaign, even in any local election campaigns, in the smallest constituencies in any country which has competitive political system.

How a candidate or a political party deals with the campaign risk is of great importance for the election outcome.

My team is prepared to develop and tweak campaign priorities, in response to tactical challenges during the course of each election campaign. Our team helps the candidates to manage public expectations, to deal with challenges and to strengthen their positions after being under attack from opponents or as a result of a intense difficulties.