Dimitar-2011I was born in the beautiful town of Plovdiv, one of the oldest inhabitated cities in Europe (Earliest evidence of a settlement dates back to 6000 BC). The thousands years of history made their mark and reflected on locals’ character. I love the place. I have graduated in a foreign language school learning English and Russian and then went to Sofia university to study Political Science. I have Master degrees in Political Science and in International Affairs.

An academic discipline I was very interested of was Social Science (Sociology) and Polls & Surveys, in particular. This would prove to be very important to my future work in election campaigns.

During my scholar years I have worked as journalist in the Bulgarian National Radio, in few cable TV stations and quality newspapers. 

Election Campaigns

My first position in an election campaign was as Junior Assistant in the 1996 Bulgarian presidential elections. It was won with a very little help from myself. It was important start, however. In 1999, I formed a team of four, which worked as consultant group in local election campaigns. In 2001 I have been invited to manage the election campaign of then governmental party UDF (member of EEP) in Election district 16 and 17 (Plovdiv, Bulgaria). This campaign was heavily lost by the UDF, but under the leadership of Yordan Bakalov, District Leader of UDF at the time, I have managed to secure one of the highest election results for the party nationwide.

From 2002 to 2004 I have served as Head of Analytical Department of United Democratic Forces (UDF) and subsequently as an election campaign manager in 2003 local elections, and as political consultant in the parliamentary elections in 2005. In 2006 I was elected as Head of the Election Campaigns of UDF, a position I held for 2 years. As party’s top official I was responsible for organizing the first European elections after Bulgaria joined the European Union in 2007. Unfortunately the party was not in its best (UDF has previously split in 2004) and was in decline. Despite the hard work of the whole Election campaign team, due to the lack of human and financial resources, we fell short (by few thousand votes) of the 5.5% election threshold and did not make it to elect a MP in the European Parliament.

Since 2008 I have been working as political consultant to conservative and right-wing political parties and managed a number of successful elections campaigns, including Bulgarian local election and mayoral campaigns in 2011 and 2015.

New Media & IT

I was happy to create myself (or to be part of a team that created) some of the most popular online media in Bulgaria, starting from scratch and working both on the New media concept and on the IT side (including on designing the front end and back end of the) of the online editions. My team have been creating and managing New media campaigns (including social media and online marketing) for political parties and candidates since 2006.

In 2000 I co-founded a Managed IT Service provider, which has been subsequently transformed into today’s Rax.bg, one of the longest running Managed Hosting companies in Southeast Europe. In 2002 I have co-founded the U.S. Managed Hosting provider HostColor.com.


My new book The New American State is publishing by the end of October 2020. It will be available on Amazon as Kindle version. Read foreword and grab your copy.